our producers

We'd like to introduce you to some of the great people we work with. You'll find everyone from hugely respected veteran farmers, to innovative bakers, cheese makers and butter churners, plus some of your local market favourites. Enjoy the read. 

The perfect solution for a quick, yet nutritious and wholesome meal, Gourmet Juniors mini-meals are frozen fresh full of goodness for kids.
A delicious, all natural turmeric blend so tasty to drink, you'll be left wanting more. 
We've taken the guess work out of hot sauce for you by having a chat to Richard Nelson, the maker and passionate chilli guy behind Melbourne Hot Sauce.
Otway Fresh Pasta will redefine your entire pasta experience.
Koja Toppers enhance your favourite meal whilst building your nutritional intake to Stratospheric proportions. Kabam!
Get to know the couple behind Greenvale Farm - our sodium nitrate free pork and smallgoods producers
Organic green tea Matcha powder, Matcha Maiden is the latest Melbourne-based company taking our city, and the country by storm.
For all sorts of reason we think Green Eggs are the best eggs we’ve ever eaten.