our producers

We'd like to introduce you to some of the great people we work with. You'll find everyone from hugely respected veteran farmers, to innovative bakers, cheese makers and butter churners, plus some of your local market favourites. Enjoy the read. 

Get to know the couple behind Greenvale Farm - our sodium nitrate free pork and smallgoods producers
Organic green tea Matcha powder, Matcha Maiden is the latest Melbourne-based company taking our city, and the country by storm.
For all sorts of reason we think Green Eggs are the best eggs we’ve ever eaten.
David is the second generation to run Hillndale Orchards in Wandin, north of the Dandenongs, and we think his apples are some of the very best you’ll ever have
Tony Dench, a baker, and his father John, a chef, actually knew a thing or two about creating a fantastic food business before they started their own in Fitzroy North.
We think all our producers are pretty special and Luis Gazzola from Gazzola Farms is, officially, one of the best of the best.
“Gordon Jones” has become a name to drop amongst the farmers market set but the Gippsland based farmer has been producing his now well loved spuds before some of his keen and loyal urban customers were even born.
The inspiration for Farmhouse muesli lies in Croatia where she grew up on a farm with a grandmother who, every morning, would try to make their “bland” oat breakfast more tempting.