our producers

We'd like to introduce you to some of the great people we work with. You'll find everyone from hugely respected veteran farmers, to innovative bakers, cheese makers and butter churners, plus some of your local market favourites. Enjoy the read. 

After being diagnosed with Fructose malabsorption and gluten intolerance in 2016, NOGO sauces founder Meg decided to launch NOGO because there were no fructose friendly, home-made style sauces available.
Since 1998, the Markool family have worked to transform Oasis Bakery into an iconic part of the city's culinary scene.
Madelaine started her business Madelaine's Eggs when she was eight years old now, fifteen years later, 23 year old Madelaine manages 3000 certified organic laying hens on her family farm located in the Macedon Ranges of Victoria.
What started as a hobby, Springhill farm is now a fully baked business, serving delicious treats from original home-made recipes. 
Founded by accident 15 years ago, Marisa's Kitchen is the epitome of a family owned and run business. 
With more protein and less sugar than any other Muesli on the market, The Muesli is the ultimate, delicious start to the day. 
To put it simply, Kombucha loves ya guts and that is why we love Remedy Kombucha. Remedy Kombucha is the original, tried and true, traditional Kombucha.
Padre Coffee was born in Brunswick East back in late 2007 as a small team, 10 years on they have 3 stores but not much has changed. They love making coffee.