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Like many children born with a famous name Simon Schulz grew up wanting to do his own thing on his own terms. So, Simon chose not to join the organic family farm that was, at the time, making some of Australia’s most celebrated organic cheeses.

Instead this third generation dairy farmer began experimenting with new possibilities, focusing on creating purer styles of organic yoghurt, drinking milk and bath milk. Granted he was doing this with his grandfather – the one Hermann Schulz, crowned a “Legend” by the esteemed organisation Melbourne Food and Wine last year – but Schulz Snr will tell you it was Schulz Jnr who was in the organic dairy produce driving seat.

Crucially Simon reverse engineered his products, starting with the soil that grows the grass that feeds the cows that produce the milk. And on a beautiful setting, not far from the Great Ocean Road. Only when Simon was convinced that he had something new to offer did he join forces with his parents. The result is something the 27-year-old has every reason to be proud of.

We love the seasonality of the range – it tastes different from spring to autumn; to find yoghurts and milks this pure, this unstandardized, is a rare pleasure.

Online you can buy Simon’s Organic Natural Yoghurt and his full range organic milks.