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If you like chocolate and you also like eating clean food, then Pumpy Jackson is definitely for you.

36 months in the making, this chocolate is the healthiest possible chocolate on the market, as endorsed by naturopaths and nutritionists across the country.

Chocolate is typically filled with sugar, agave, coconut nectar and other toxic ingredients and after nearly three years, founder Charlie Goldsmith nearly gave up, believing it wasn't possible to create a truly clean, no added sugar chocolate that tasted amazing too, but boy was he wrong. Introducing Pumpy Jackson, the uniquely clean chocolate now available at Leaf for you to enjoy.

Charlie and the team at Pumpy Jackson took some time to chat with us about their delicious chocolate, and more importantly, let us in on the inspiration behind the somewhat interesting name!

Who are the team behind Pumpy Jackson and what made you launch?

Pumpy Jackson was created by Charlie Goldsmith; a branding and marketing entrepreneur with a passion for health and sugar free living. Charlie was fed up with seeing many 'sugar free' and 'healthy' chocolates on the Australian and world market that are simply far from healthy or sugar free. Inspired by his passion for seeking a genuinely healthy alternative, Charlie developed Pumpy Jackson which took almost three years to produce, as a bar of it's kind had never been invented before. Charlie now works with a team that have a passion for health based in Richmond, Melbourne.

An interesting name, where did the inspiration behind the name Pumpy Jackson come from?

Pumpy Jackson is a nick-name Charlie gave to his best friend, and then he took it back. She recently gave up her much loved instagram handle just for us. Thanks Pumpy.

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There was a lot of work involved in developing Pumpy Jackson, can you tell us more about the development process?

Producing a kind of chocolate that had never been made before took many many months of scrupulous testing and changing of the recipe. The smallest changes to the ingredients or measurements within the formula could mean the entire bar melted at room temperature, or tasted awful.

What is Monk Fruit Juice and why do you use it as your sweetener as opposed to other sweeteners or sugar?

Found in East Asia, Monk Fruit has a sweetness of over 300 times greater than sugar. Unlike artificial sweeteners and stevia, Monk Fruit does not leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to manage diabetes and inflammation, and research has shown Monk Fruit to have beneficial anti-oxidant qualities with no known adverse reactions.

Why we would never use Agave: 

Agave is almost pure sugar that contains very high levels of fructose (often much higher than the much maligned High Fructose Corn Syrup). Excessive fructose can contribute to the risk of diabetes, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease and abdominal obesity. It is also a problem for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Why we will never use Coconut Nectar or sugar:

Touted a super food, health food stores are full of all sorts of amazing coconut products. But that doesn’t mean everything coconut-based is good for you. Coconut nectar is still basically sugar. It contains 70-79% sucrose (that’s table sugar), 3% glucose and 5% fructose. Given that sucrose is 50% made up of fructose you are getting around 55% of the sugar content as fructose which, as mentioned above, in excess consumption this has health implications.

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Besides almost no sugar or fructose, what are the other elements that make Pumpy Jackson the healthiest chocolate currently available?

We are proud that many medical and diet experts have stated that we are the healthiest chocolate on the market that they have come across as we have worked hard to ensure it has some great benefits :). Besides the fact that it has no added sugars like Agave or Coconut nectar, it is also free from ingredients that many people are sensitive to such as dairy, soy and alcohol sweeteners. It is also free from emulsifiers (commonly found in many chocolates), which can cause inflammation and damage to the lining of digestive organs. We believe that as more and more research goes into the damage that emulsifiers can have on the body, more people will look to avoid them as they do sugar.

With almost no sugar and fructose, how do you manage to make Pumpy Jackson taste so delicious?

It was not easy. Pumpy Jackson is the result of many many months of recipe tweaking and chocolate tasting. The final taste comes down to a very fine balance of 11 completely natural ingredients.

What does a day in the life of the Pumpy Jackson team look like?

Generally some group exercise, many inside jokes and plenty of chocolate eating between trying to keep up with demand.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things, what would they be?

A satellite phone, inflatable watercraft and many cans of baked beans.