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Forgeddabout Spaghetti, Fettucine, Tortellini.  Maltagliati, anyone?

Ok,  I exaggerate….please DON’T forgeddabout Spaghetti, Fettuccine, or any other pasta with which you are familiar. Please do, however, take on board Otway Fresh Pasta.

Makers of traditional Pasta (as we know it), and offering a range of gluten-free alternatives, Otway Fresh Pasta will redefine your entire pasta experience.

Admiration for the taste and texture abounds (check the Otway Pasta Facebook page!), suggesting that once you’ve had Fresh Otway Pasta, you’ll be sending that dried pasta in your pantry to swim with the fishes.

Made from a simple combination of flour, eggs (free-range, of course!), water and salt without any preservatives, one wonders how the taste experience reaches such ecstatic heights.

Otway not only produce traditional pasta – fettuccine, penne, fusilli – they also create gourmet pastas.  Try  their Lemon-Myrtle Fettuccine for that outstanding, memorable pasta experience.

As an added bonus, the Gluten-free range is made with Lupin flakes -  THE  new Superfood derived from Australian-grown legumes – both high in protein and fibre.

Gracing  The Leaf Store’s pasta stock, we ask you to do yourselves a favour,  and  try Otway Fresh Pasta - just like a Goodfella.