Originally made at home in the kitchen and packaged in zip lock bags, The Muesli was founded after Emma's friend and personal trainer simply couldn't find a heathy breakfast option to suggest to her clients. From there The Muesli was born and still today, with more protein and less sugar than any other Muesli on the market, The Muesli helps people to make healthy, sugar conscious food choices and is the ultimate, delicious start to the day. 

We caught up with Founder Emma Dumas to find out more about this super Muesli. 

Who are the team behind The Muesli and what made you launch? 

Emma Dumas & Heather Brodie are the founders of Bodsquad Australia.  Around 2004 Emma’s friend and personal trainer Donna Aston, simply couldn't find an easy breakfast option to compliment her fitness programs and suggest to clients. Emma didn’t see it as a problem and got to work creating a product that would not only help Donna’s clients achieve their goals, but anyone looking for a healthy, every day muesli - there simply wasn’t one available! Now, with an unmatched nutritional profile The Muesli is the ultimate brekky for personal trainers and their clients, elite athletes and any health (sugar) conscious person.

The Muesli has a tight knit team behind it, Emma Dumas the founder and CEO, Heather Brodie the partner and CFO, two social media gurus who manage our online presence, and two beautiful office dogs, responsible for team morale - Rudy & Eddie.

What does a day in the life of The Muesli team look like?

There is always a lot going on at The Muesli hub. The day usually starts with a quick team catch up, answering emails, planning campaigns, managing stockist and online retail orders, a tea here and there, brainstorming which recipes we should create next, content for online videos and ideas on different ways to spread our Sugar Conscious messaging with the world. Emma’s delicious homemade food for lunch, a quick walk with the dogs, reporting on previous projects, planning schedules for future events, several more teas thoughout and finally rounding off the activities and projects started that day. 

What was involved in developing The Muesli?

The Muesli was originally blended by Emma, packed in zip lock bags and taken to her friend Donna Aston’s Personal Training studio for her clients. When we were hitting the several hundred kg per batch, the home kitchen was no longer an option!  The Muesli was going to have to be manufactured on a much bigger scale so a search for a ’contract manufacturer’ began. We needed to know they would follow our recipe and mix to the letter,  provide high quality and locally sourced ingredients and could make the product close to home. As the brand has evolved we’ve worked with several contract manufacturers along the way, all of whom have been instrumental in helping a small business find its feet and survive in a very busy marketplace.  The Muesli is now blended and packed in Brunswick, delivered every couple of weeks and stored here at The Muesli HQ. 

Even though we’ve got The Muesli recipe down pat, we’re always looking for ways to further develop the product range, conscious of consumer needs and wants in all areas. 2016 saw the introduction of our sleek and functional zip lock packaging and recently we introduced our own 100% Australian Grown Rolled Oats.  One of our biggest selling on-line products is our ‘bulk’ 3kg/5kg formats - we began with these as the ‘Tub’ - which is still available - but conscious of the environment it became quickly obvious that one tub was enough and from there a ‘Refill’ was the perfect solution.  We also offer The Muesli in fabulous serving size sachets which are fantastic for portion control, freshness, travel and just taking brekkie to work with you.

What sets The Muesli apart from other Muesli on the market?

Our nutritional profile, lack of sugar and our ingredients list & mix, it’s as simple as that. 

Can you tell us more about the nutritional benefits of The Muesli?

Not only is The Muesli lowest in sugar, it’s also has one of the highest protein contents of any other breakfast option, containing only whole, real ingredients 11 in the Classic and 12 in the Gluten Free there simply isn’t a more nutritious option available. 

The Muesli contains 5 different nuts, 4 different seeds, Oats (Brown Rice Flakes and puffed amaranth in the Gluten Free) and coconut, all of which provide a source of ‘Good Fats’ or essential fatty acids (EFA), which are vital for a healthy body. Good Fats increase energy, boost metabolism and make you feel full for longer. 

What has been The Muesli’s greatest achievement to date? 

Raising awareness about sugar in processed and packaged foods and offering a simple solution for people to take control for themselves.  Educating to Be Sugar Conscious using a tool such as The One Line Rule and providing the Sugar Conscious solution for breakfast - the most important meal of the day.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 things what would they be?

The Muesli, obviously! My golf clubs and some red wine.