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Founded by two regular mums who share a passion for cooking and feeding kids easy, healthy meals, Messy Faces use only the freshest ingredients to produce wholesome meals for kids of all ages. With a passion to get kids to eat and enjoy healthy food, Emma and Victoria, who met at Mother's group are dedicated to making healthy food, easy.

We caught up with Emma and Victoria to find out more. 

Who are the team behind Messy Faces and what made you launch?

Emma and Victoria are the driving force behind Messy Faces. We met at our mothers group and had both left our pre-baby jobs and were looking for something to keep our brains active and have something else to talk about besides nappies and sleep routines. We both had a toddler and a baby and were lamenting the effort it took to have healthy, tasty food on the table every night for the kids, wouldn’t it be great if someone came every week and filled our freezer with meals…

What does a day in the life of the Messy Faces team look like?

Chaos! We have four school age children and we are neighbours! Every day can be different and we are every role in the business, logistics, marketing, admin, promotion, sale. So it can either be a day at the computer posting social media and doing the taxes, or out on the road meeting new retailers and customers, while juggling school, sports, play dates, snotty noses....

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What was involved in developing the range of Messy Faces and is there any plans for expanding the range in the future?

Developing the range was relatively easy, we had a lot of experience with fussy kids and knew to keep our meals simple and familiar. We would love to expand the range and become a one stop shop for busy parents, filling their freezers with a wide range of healthy meals and snacks and taking the stress out of dinner time.

Can you tell us more about the nutritional benefits of Messy Faces meals and the ingredients that you use?

As we developed our meals in our own kitchens using our tried and tested recipes, there is nothing in our meals that you wouldn’t find in your own kitchen. We were scrupulous in avoiding any kind of preservative or additive, down to making our own stock and using organic, sulphur free apricots. We also use free range chicken, which is very important to us.

What has been your greatest achievement to date?

The best feeling is when someone you don’t know recognises Messy Faces and tells us how we have made their lives easier, even by a little bit. 

Messy Faces_lifestyle photos_low res-80.jpgIf you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 things, what would they be?

A trip to a deserted island sounds wonderful right now, I would want to catch up on a lot of sleep so some nice bedding would be a must. This is probably cheating but I’d also take someone to cook for me and someone to bring me drinks, bliss……….