Put simply, Made by Cow cold pressed milk was launched by three Aussies who missed drinking milk the way they did when they were growing up. Fetching it from the milk shed with that delicious layer of cream on top, back when it was pretty much straight from the cow.

You could say they're traditionalists but it’s that nostalgia that’s driven the Made by Cow team to find a new, world first method of producing raw milk that is cold pressed, delicious, nutritious and completely safe to drink. The way nature intended.

We caught up with one of the founders, Saxon Joye to find out more about Made by Cow and the process involved in launching the worlds first safe to drink raw milk. 

Who are the team behind Made by Cow and what made you launch?

3 guys interested in less messed with, less processed foods, oh and a great dairy husband and wife team and some beautiful Jersey cows.

What sets Made by Cow milk apart from regular milk?

We use cold water pressure to make our milk safe, so our milk is never warmer than when it leaves our cows.  We don’t pasteurise, homogenise, blend, separate or standardise, so it’s what we don’t do that makes our milk special.

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Can you tell us about the nutritional benefits of Made by Cow milk?

Cold pressing means we get a natural milk, our technique is so simple, and gentle on milks natural flavours, nutrients and enzymes.

Can you explain how Made by Cow is legally allowed to be sold for human consumption and the process involved in legalising raw milk?

We needed to demonstrate equivalence to heat pasteurisation, so we had to show that our method was just as safe as, or safer than traditionally heated milks.

What does a day in the life of the Made by Cow team look like?

Well, every day is different, and has its own gifts and challenges, we may be down on farm or speaking to our customers, or working on cool new Made By Cow products which we hope to bring to market soon!

Image result for made by cowWhen you’re not busy with Made by Cow what do you like to do for fun?

I love yoga, reading to my children, running with my wife, and dancing around our lounge room.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

Easy, my beautiful wife and our two little girls…

You can pick up Made By Cow milk in store, and online.