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“Gordon Jones” has become name to drop amongst the farmers market set but the Gippsland based farmer has been producing his now well loved spuds before some of his keen and loyal urban customers were even born. It was back in 1982 that Gordon, the son of a dairy farmer and himself a beef farmer, began growing potatoes as part of his rotational grazing and cropping strategy. The move was designed to maintain the quality of the soil and therefore the pasture that was grown for the cows.

Today Gordon’s business is a real family affair. It involves his daughter son, sister and nephew.

Such are the quality of Jones Potatoes, that they’ve found their way into some Melbourne’s best restaurants; Vue De Monde, The Commoner, Boire and, just up the road from us, The Dog’s Bar in St Kilda are all listed as happy customers. And we can understand why.