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We think all our producers are pretty special and Luis Gazzola from Gazzola Farms is, officially, one of the best of the best. Luis Gazzola started farming as a child, working after school and on weekends beside his Italian migrant father, at Narre Warren. At 15 he went full-time.

Luis, now 74, has long been joined by his three sons and together they manage two properties on the Mornington Peninsula which produces everyday staples like broccoli as well as some Asian vegetables.

After toiling the land for more than half a century Luis Gazzola received, in 2010, a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to the Australian vegetable industry. AUSVEG noted, in particular, Luis championing of sustainable farming practices including an eco-friendly method of controlling pests known as IPM. At the time Luis said “I was really honoured. I was in shock and in tears.” That says a lot about the man.