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Born through years of barefoot travel searching for a life of freedom, inner wellness and the perfect coffee, the team behind First Press Coffee explored unique coffee brewing methods across the world.

On their travels they stumbled across a method that used gravity, cold water and an elaborate drip system to produce a coffee that delivered inspiration, productivity and energy with every drop.

With a sweeter taste, reduced acidity and a dynamic range of flavours resulting from the long extraction, they knew they'd found their caffeinated holy grail and with a desire to share their coffee discoveries with the world, First Press Coffee was born.

We caught up with the First Press team to find out more. Thanks Michael for taking the time to chat with us.

Who are the team behind First Press Coffee and what was it that made you launch into the coffee business?

Behind the scenes at First Press Coffee is Hamish, Jimmy and Michael. We began First Press over three years ago after discovering the cold coffee movement happening over in the USA. As a coffee mad country, we were blown away that cold brew had yet to take off back home and set First Press into motion to bring cold brew to Australian shores!

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Can you tell us more about your unique brewing method used to brew First Press Coffee?

Our extraction is a little different, even from other cold brew products. Our coffee is made using a cold drip machine custom made for our extraction. Basically it extracts the coffee by slowly dripping water over a cylinder of ground coffee for over ten hours, producing a sweeter and less bitter cup with more desirable flavour qualities.

How is First Press Coffee best enjoyed?

First Press Coffee can be enjoyed in almost every way regular coffee can be! Pour it out over ice for a clean black coffee, add milk for a milky iced coffee or even add hot milk/water to brew your own hot coffee with all the added benefits of the cold drip process.

What is your favourite First Press Coffee recipe?

I’m a traditionalist and can’t get enough of our cold drip by itself over ice. There’s something really incredible about the way your body feels and the way your mind begins firing when drinking a pure coffee like First Press. I find it super helpful to get into creative or inspiring mindsets and also to get through labour intensive grunt work.

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What are the benefits of First Press Cold Drip Coffee?

The biggest benefit is obviously the sweeter and more developed flavours created from the cold extraction. With reduced bitterness, you’re able to see a lot of the more refined aspects of the individual bean really shine. Because it’s less bitter, your coffee also doesn’t need as much sweetening or milk, making it perfect for those looking to reduce their intake of either. Lastly, the clean and pure energy hit from the gently extracted coffee is a huge benefit that keeps our customers reaching for the cold drip every day!

With the Melbourne café scene being one of the best in the world, what are the First Press Coffee teams favourite hot spots around town? 

Ahh too many favourites so I’m going to let Nearby our warehouse in Prahran I’m a frequent visitor to St Edmonds, Piccolo, Market Lane Coffee and Journeyman. When I’m relaxing on the weekends or working from home in Fitzroy my local haunts are Everyday Coffee, Industry Beans or Stagger Lee’s.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

A guitar, a very long book and a big bottle of First Press of course ;)