A husband and wife team with over 25 years experience, City Larder use their years of experience in professional kitchens and their love of artisan food, and translate it into quality charcuterie to be enjoyed at home. 

With a focus on cooking high quality food and a love of the classics, everything they make is handcrafted in their kitchen in Heidelberg with care and attention to detail, using recipes that have been passed down through generations of chefs in kitchens all over Europe. 

We caught up with the Robbie and Rebecca to learn more. 

Who are the team behind City Larder and what made you launch?

We are a husband-and-wife team (Robbie and Rebecca) who specialise in handmade charcuterie. We began City Larder in 2015 after we had our little boy, Monty, with the hope of creating restaurant-quality products that can be enjoyed in peoples’ homes. 

We are now a team of seven and have our own production kitchen in Heidelberg.

What does a day in the life of the City Larder team look like? 

We're early-starters in the kitchen so the day definitely starts with a round of coffees! Mondays are the biggest day of the week - I spend the day speaking to our stockists and taking the week's orders, as well as catching up on emails from the weekend. In the kitchen, Robbie, Tim and Franz begin the terrine-making process - breaking down the pork shoulders, chickens and ducks, slicing pancetta, weighing out spices and lining terrine moulds. As the week goes on we get ready for deliveries; there's lots of slicing, packaging and loading up boxes to be done so that the products arrive in stores before the weekend.City Larderrrr.JPGCan you tell us more about the City Larder range and what was involved in developing the range of quality charcuterie?

What initially began as a range of just three products has slowly grown to encompass six terrines, two pâtés, a rillette, and more recently the addition of a chutney and pickled onions. We always listen to feedback from our stockists and customers when planning the next addition to the range, and take time to source the best ingredients that we can, which hopefully comes through in the final product.

What sets City Larder apart from other pate’s and terrines?

As well as using free range wherever possible we really, really care about making the best tasting product that we can. We put so much effort into building layers of flavour and making each product as good as it can be.  Ultimately we want to help create food-moments that nourish the soul and bring people together, because that's what food does for us and our friends and family.

What has been City Larder’s greatest achievement to date?

It's still early days for us as a business, so making the transition from a two-man operation to employing full-time staff was a huge step for us. We take our responsibility as employers very seriously and want to create a working environment that our staff enjoy coming into every day.245487.JPGIf you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 things what would they be?

Robbie said he'd take a beach towel, some beers and a footy. I'd take a bucket and spade for Monty, a book, and an esky full of drinks and ice.