Founded in 2012, Citizen Cacao serves up the fanciest Tim Tams you'll ever devour, and they're actually pretty good for you. Raw and Vegan, Citizen Cacao use only the finest and tastiest organic ingredients to concoct a bevvy of custom truffles and chocolate bars for the good people of Melbourne, and more specifically for our customers in Brighton.

We caught up with the founder Georgie to find out more.

Who are the team behind Citizen Cacao and what made you launch?

Citizen was launched in 2012 by myself. I have a wayward crew of extras (aka) Oompa Loompas who help with production but currently it is just me. I launched by accident - I shared some homemade chocolate with a chef at Silo in the CBD and he placed an order - I didn't even have a name - OR any intention of starting a chocolate company!

What does a day in the life of the Citizen Cacao team look like?

The Cacao Workshop gets buzzing around 830 am - Days are split between production of the truffle centres and dipping and dressing and packing the truffles for delivery. When I am working solo I split the day and do centre production in the am and dipping in the afternoon. Lunch is had. Much chocolate is ingested. We listen to On Being podcasts and a lot of pop music.Image result for citizen cacao

What was involved in developing the Citizen Cacao range and do you have any plans to expand in the future? 

Developing the range has been a blast as a good half of the range has involved local suppliers contacting me and asking if I will collaborate / concoct something with their product. This has meant I have had access to some of Melbourne's finest artisan goods and resulted in some pretty delicious flavours - specifically the Proud Mary Cold Drip / The 99th Monkey Almond Butter / The Combi Salted Caramel / The Combi/Matchless Goods Peanut Butter Caramel. Expansion is always a hot topic. Watch this space :)

What are the nutritional benefits of Citizen Cacao? 

Cacao is a fantastic food. It is high in magnesium and contains Anandamide - also known as the Bliss chemical which is why you feels so good when you eat quality Cacao products. Coconut Oil is also an excellent fat source! 

Raw and Vegan, how do you make Citizen Cacao truffles taste so good? 

MAGIC. Haha - well it's easy when you're working with complimentary products as the ones listed above - but in my opinion its the simplicity of them that makes them so special. Ironically the simplicity which ends up serving complexity. There are only 4 core ingredients to a truffle - plus the flavour addition - this allows for the ingredients to stand out AND to combine to take the lucky taster on a journey.

Raw and Vegan could also be described as Clean - the food is close to plant source and therefore not only nutritious but incredibly tasty.Image result for citizen cacaoWhen you’re not busy with Citizen Cacao what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am mad for Camping and Hiking adventures. Victoria is a bounty of incredible scenery - I love the Surf Coast and Wilson's Prom!  I pretend to surf and love to do Yoga and Pilates. I read whenever I can sneak some time.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things, what would they be?

Presuming the island has Cacao, Coconut, Mango and Avocado Trees growing on it I would take a Solar powered satellite phone loaded with my favourite books and movies, My best mate and my Opinel Pocket knife. ouch do I have to forego one of those to bring a blanket?