Cherry Tree Organics is a producer of certified organic grass fed beef and lamb. Through producing, growing, butchering and delivering their meat to customers they are able to completely follow their animals from 'Paddock to Plate'.

With ethically produced, great tasting meat at the forefront of their minds, the team behind Cherry Tree Organics run their organic farm 'Cherry Tree Downs' in Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland. With a mission to provide total transparency, you are guaranteed the best quality meat, direct from the farm.

A husband and wife team, we caught up with Shane and Ann to learn more about the range of Cherry Tree Organic meats.

Who are the team behind Cherry Tree Organics and what made you launch?

My wife Ann & I have a farm in Tarwin Lower, South Gippsland called Cherry Tree Downs which we purchased 27 years ago.  We began to question conventional farming practices and believed that there must be a better and more natural and environmentally friendly way to farm, this path led us to farming organically.

We began our business selling quarter animals to customers. The demand for our product increased so rapidly that ‘Cherry Tree Organics’ began. Two of our daughters are involved in the business today, one manages our home delivery service and the other works in our butcher shop.

What does a day in the life of the Cherry Tree Organics team look like?

At 5.00 AM in the morning staff begin to arrive at the shop and the orders for the day are downloaded and collated.  Meat is prepared and then packed, labelled and  placed into individual boxes ready for delivery to customers.  When I am not at the shop I am at the farm looking after the sheep and cattle.

A day in the life of the Cherry Tree Organics team is dependent on the season as there are different priorities on the farm at different times of the year.  The farm day starts as soon as the sun rises, the first priority is to check the animals and ensure they are happy and content.  We then might be moving our animals onto fresh pasture, shearing sheep, checking water levels, mending fences or planting trees.  The day ends just before sunset with a final check of our animals.

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What did you do before Cherry Tree Organics? 

Ann and I both grew up on farms; our parents were farmers, as were our grandparents.  Prior to Cherry Tree Organics I was just the farmer, I am now following our product from paddock to plate, as well as being a farmer I’m a butcher, driver and retailer!

Can you tell us about the nutritional benefits of Cherry Tree Organics? 

The pasture on our property is grown using a holistic approach, no artificial fertilizers, or additives. The use of natural minerals and inputs creates an extremely healthy environment for plant growth.  This healthy environment produces healthy animals – high in Omega 3, no hormones, vaccinations or chemicals grown the way nature intended.

What sets Cherry Tree Organics apart from other organic meats on the market? 

We practice traditional farming methods; breeding slow growing cattle and allowing them to reach maturity naturally.  We breed Angus and Hereford cattle, these old style, British bred cattle are renowned for their tender meat, natural levels of marbling and an abundance of deep, rich flavours developed through a grass diet.   With plentiful rainfall and a temperate climate, South Gippsland is Australia's most prized environment for producing superior quality beef & lamb.

Cattle and lambs raised at ‘Cherry Tree Downs’ enjoy a low stress life in a natural environment, ethical considerations are foremost in our minds – not only is this kind to the animals but it results in tender meat.

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Why is organic so important to you? 

Many years ago all food was organic, the way nature intended.  I am proud that we are producing a product that is healthy and real food, not tampered with as so many products are today.  So many foods are interfered with using chemicals, fillers, pumped with liquid to weigh more etc.

We are proud that our product is pure, clean & healthy.

When you're not busy with Cherry Tree Organics what do you like to do in your spare time? 

We love to spend time with our family, especially our two recently arrived grandchildren.  I also practice yoga every day, bike ride and surf.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things, what would they be? 

Organic Rump steak with plenty of fat on, a beautiful Organic Red Wine and BBQ to cook on!  Sweet potato wedges also if I could have just one more.