Who are the team behind Almo Milk and what made you launch?

Almo was created by Linda Monique, a local south-side Melbourne girl who simply wanted to make an Australian-grown long-life almond milk that didn't contain oils, carrageenan, starches or any sugars.

It was out of seeing all long-life almond milks using imported almonds that she decided to contact the lLmond Co-op of Australia and work with the Co-op to produce a premium quality almond milk. 

What does a day in the life of the Almo Milk team look like?

Almo's key values include a focus on Health and Simplicity. We work out of a unique co-working space called The Commons in South Melbourne. There is no set start time and work revolves around prioritising our customers and driving our key goal of making Almo more affordable and the company more efficient in 2018. Lunch times might include a spin-class or meditation session and at least a few times a week, there will be visits to new cafes wanting to take on Almo.

What was involved in developing Almo Milk?

It took over a year to launch Almo and sadly, due to the lack of specialised non-dairy contract manufacturing, we we forced to manufacture Almo in New Zealand. 

It meant a long period of trials and revisions to perfect the formulation. 


What sets Almo Milk apart from other Almond Milks on the market?

Almo contains up to 40 whole almonds in every bottle and has more almond content than 10% activated almond milks! (Simply compare the protein content!) 

We use the whole almond and churn it into a rich tahini-like butter giving Almo more nutrition and creaminess than other alternative almond milks. 

It's unsweetened and also the only Australian grown almond milk without added oils, carrageenan or maltodextrin. 

Can you tell us about the nutritional benefits of Almo Milk?

Because we use the whole almond and turn it into a luscious tahini-like butter, Almo contains natural traces of vitamin E, calcium and is a good source of fats. 

Almo contains more protein than any other long-life almond milk on the market meaning more almonds in every glass. 

For those who do include dairy in their diet, why should they try Almo Almond milk?

Almo is a holiday for your gut! It reduces dairy or soy related bloating and contains less calories.

Almo is delicious in summer smoothies, porridge, coffee and works well in baking.

What’s been your greatest achievement to date?

Almo is now exporting to 5 countries and some of the best cafe roasters across the globe after winning the Product Innovation Award at Melbourne International Coffee Expo! 

Winning the Victorian Young Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2017 was a massive achievement and a time to reflect on just how far Almo has come.


If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 3 things, what would they be?

Seeds to sprout the land, a notebook to write a life-long novel in and a photo of loved ones!

Anything else to add? 

Almo has grown out of a love and true appreciation of what it represents. We thank every single customer who has supported us by choosing Almo and believing that we deserve better quality products!