Easter is a time to gather around the table and indulge in the best food and wine with your friends and family.

This Easter, spend more time with the family, rather than in the kitchen with our range of specialty products from local growers, farmers and suppliers.  From handcrafted chocolate, to artisan cheeses and seafood, we have everything you need for your Easter lunch, and all weekend long.


Photo Credit: Onya Magazine

Kennedy and Wilson:  Small batch chocolate made in the idyllic Yarra Valley region of Victoria. Kennedy and Wilson chocolate is high in cocoa mass with a rich, yet surprisingly smooth flavour that leaves you reminiscing about its exquisiteness long after the experience. 

Organic Times:  With an aim to make organics available to everyone, Organic Times delicious chocolates are certified organic and are made using the finest quality ingredients. 

The Carob Kitchen: Australia’s first Banjo Carob Bunny egg, made with Australian grown carob and real Cacao butter and only the finest ingredients to blend a mild, yet naturally sweet, smooth carob bar. 

Schocolate: A Melbourne based chocolate company that use Belgian couverture chocolate to create unique and boutique chocolate products that taste as good as they look.  

Moo Free: A world leading manufacturer of dairy free, gluten free, organic and vegan chocolates that actually taste like real chocolate by replacing cows milk with rice milk. All of the chocolates are made using organic and ethically sourced ingredients wrapped up in fun, environmentally friendly packaging. 

Monsieur Truffe: Melbourne’s finest artisan chocolatiers, Monsieur Truffe chocolates are made using organic products. 


Photo Credit: SBS Food

Healthy Bake:  To cater to everyone, we have a wide range of delicious Hot Cross Buns from Healthy Bake, who produce a range of organic healthy baked goods that are suitable for people with wheat allergies, diabetes or people wishing to eat healthily and experience different foods. 

Caffe Strada: Great tasting gluten free hot cross buns with a reputation among Melbourne’s coeliacs. Particularly good if your family and friends don’t like gluten free foods, as these hot cross buns taste just as good, if not better than your traditional hot cross buns.

Dench: Made with organic flour, Dench hot cross buns are a great all rounder. The consistency is on the denser side, and the bun is studded with a generous amount of fruit. The fruit mix is just right and it’s wonderfully spiced with their secret Dench spice blend. A classic hot cross bun.

Irrewarra: 100% Sourdough hot cross buns, Irrewarra’s hot cross buns are hand shaped, filled with dried fruit peel and spice. These hot cross buns are dense, moist and chewy. 


Photo Credit: Fresko Seafoods

Harris: Located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Harris Smokehouse source the highest quality, raw seafood from Australia and use traditional curing methods to create a subtle, smokey aroma that doesn’t overpower the premium product that has been harvested from pristine waters.

Mrs Paynes: Mrs Payne’s Smoked Trout is sourced from the Alexandra – Thornton district of Victoria from a trout farm located along the side of the Goulburn River. Available in traditional smoked flavour, or seasoned with your choice of Black Pepper and Lemon or Capers, Lime and Lemon, this fish is smoked to a traditional Dutch recipe in a hot smoker using eucalyptus wood chips to give off  a unique yet subtle smoked flavour.

Fresko: Melbourne’s freshest seafood, Fresko Seafoods bring the catch of the day to you.  Sourced from their own boats in Lakes Entrance and Portland who fish in Bass Strait clean waters, Fresko Seafoods are an Australian owned family company with over 30 years experience in the industry. 

This Fish: This Fish focuses on providing clean, organic fish that is great for you and friendly to the environment. Free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, This Fish seafood are fed an organic certified diet and are farmed in remote clean waters in carefully controlled, natural environments. This Fish is frozen at the source to ensure it comes to you at the peak of its quality so you can enjoy all the organic goodness and health benefits. 


Photo Credit: Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue

Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue (Australia, Buffalo): A signature cheese from Berry’s Creek, the Riverine Blue has a soft creamy texture with a sweet delicacy complimenting the purity of this outstanding milk. 

Jouvence Fermier Brie (France, Cow):  From a small dairy near Versailles, Ferme de Jouvence (Farm of Rejuvenation), this Brie seems to come from another world. They use the full cream milk from their 150 cows within twelve hours of milking to ensure freshness and full flavour. Assertive mushroom note with hints of garlic.

Charles Arnuad Comte (France, Cow): A mature cheddar, aged for 18 months, that has had an opportunity to dry out slightly leaving the texture open and drier, the body is developing and rich flavours are emerging.

Mrs Payne’s Smoked Trout Pate: This smoked trout pate has a beautiful, smokey savory flavour that is deliciously complemented with your choice of dry biscuit, cracker or toast. 

City Larder Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Terrine: A local company that makes old-school, traditional terrines. There is no in Melbourne (maybe Australia) doing anything like this, at such a high standard.

Shop the full Easter range online or pop in store and visit us in Elwood or Brighton. We will be closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday but open as per usual for the rest of the long weekend.