market report


Figs are plentiful this week and it's the perfect time to have them! Botanically figs belong to the mulberry family (Moraceae), in the genus Ficus and is native to south-western Asia to northwest India. With a sweet earthly flavour accompanied by floral notes, figs are gentle and grainy. Extremely versatile figs can be turned into jam, poached and baked in a tart but with such an elegant shape and beautiful rich colourings it seems a shame to do much other than enjoy figs in all their glory. We opt to simply add them to a cheese board, salad or simply drizzled with some honey and served alongside some warm buttered fruit toast and a fresh brew.





This week we have introduced our favourite new season Hass Avocadoes locally grown in the Peninsula, they are one of our best eating avocadoes we have ever bought!!

There are plenty of new delights in-store for you to enjoy this week such as low carb Potatoes, locally grown Pomegranates, new season William Pears, new season organic Gala Apples, organic Nashi Pears and organic Clap Pears.

Still available are last week’s irresistible treats: Cotton Candy Grapes, Sugar Kiss Melons, Queen Garnet Plums, Snacking Carrots, Purple Oyster and Lions Mane Mushrooms, Guava, Red Dragon Fruits, Mangosteen, Durian, Organic Lychees and organic Barbara Pumpkin and Victorian organic Kestrel and Nicola Potatoes.


This week organic Pineapple they’re EXTREMELY SWEET and on a HOT price!
Sweet corn and our organic variety are still on a fantastic special. Organic Red Grapes continue to be very good value at the moment, these are the Ralli variety which are seedless and deliciously sweet!
Organic Kiwi and organic Strawberries are at prices that are hard to resist, so indulge you deserve too!


As most of us can probably recall - because we sweltered through it ourselves, Victoria experienced some very hot, dry weather throughout January, for some of us it may have meant good times spent by the water and on the beaches or perhaps in front of air con, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case for our farmers and their produce.

The heat caused a lot of produce to burn reducing crop production and as we know this then generates limited supply increasing prices at the market. Produce that has been affected are; Strawberries, Bananas, Celery, Broccoli and Cauliflowers. Delicate herbs have suffered the same fate as well in particular the heat sensitive varieties such as coriander, parsley, dill and chervil.

In the tropics of North QLD Banana crops are being heavily impacted from the monsoon and the floods it is causing. Farmers cannot harvest the crops because paddocks are covered with up to 1 metre of water in some areas and trucks are struggling to safely transport harvests because the ground is soft and or roads are blocked from being flooded over. North Queensland supplies 95 per cent of Australia's bananas, with most of that coming from the flood-affected Cassowary Coast. The price of bananas has increased and further increases are very probable in the coming weeks.