market report


This week our produce of the week is Melons. We have a selection of melons including a variety of honeydew and cantaloupe. Melons are mostly eaten fresh as desserts due to their uniquely sweet flavour. With a tough rind and watery flesh with seeds embedded in it, this fruit comprises of almost 95% water. Choose melons that are tender, even skinned and with a gentle, fragrant aroma. Keep in the fruit bowl or to extend freshness, the fridge. To keep cut melons fresher for longer, don't remove seeds, just wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate. 


The focus this week is on plums. All of our plums are tasting great at the moment, and are fantastic value. We also welcome Queen Garnet plums, however with limited quantity and high demand, the growers are certainly making us pay for them, so unfortunately they are expensive. In terms of other stone fruit, clingstone peaches are still good as are nectarines. We have a lovely line of white clingstone peaches. Most clingstone peaches are yellow, but for a limited time, we will have white clingstones. Cherries are still available, but we will be finishing this weekend. There is New Zealand apricots available at the market, but after the delicious Tasmanian’s ones we have been stocking, these ones are bland and therefore I have decided not to stock them.

Local grape varieties have changed and we now have Thompson green grapes and Crimson red grapes. These are eating exceptionally well and the value is great.

Cantaloupes and gold honeydews continue to be in season, local, great value and very sweet. Honeydews are a much maligned fruit. We typically see them on fruit platters, and they are the last to be eaten. When honeydews are grown and picked at the right time, they can be delicious, and they are at the moment. Try one of our Hello Yellow Melons or a Honey Kiss melon. The honey Kiss melon is actually a musk melon, a sort of cross between cantaloupe and honeydew, but a lovely not too sweet flavour. 

Shepard avocadoes have arrived and luckily this will help to bring the price of hass avocadoes down. We have both instore now. The shepard avo is a great variety, and unlike hass avos, they don't oxidise, meaning they don't go brown when cut. Just remember that the skin stays green when ripe, unlike the hass. To see if the shepard is ripe, check the stem end which should be brown and gently press the top of the avo, if it gives it's ripe.

Our favourite Hass avocados have started harvesting, Peninsula Avocados from Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula. These will be in store around the 20th Feb. Although only a small grower, the eating quality is exceptional and they are new season produce. 

New season gala apples have started, as have Williams pears. These pears are lovely and sweet, and ripen reasonably quickly so the growers don’t store them.

The organic ruby grapefruit looks a little unripe on the outside, but they are wonderfully red inside.

On the berry front, strawberries and blackberries are the pick of the berries at the moment. Our Sunnyridge strawberries from the Mornington Peninsula are fantastic and we have 2 sizes and price points. Conventional blueberries are ok at the moment, but we have had some great organic blues in the market this week and that's what we are stocking. Raspberries are nice but in short supply so the price is up a bit.

We are still stocking Kensington Pride mangoes. These are grown in Northern NSW and taste really good. We will start Mildura KP mangoes mid next week. 

Tropical fruits are in season at the moment and we have some great growers in Northern Australia who are growing some weird and wonderful fruit that just has to be tried. We have: 

Durian - The king of fruit and possibly the smelliest fruit. An unique flavour, best description is onion custard!

Lychees- season finishing very soon

Longans – taste like a lychee, maybe sweeter

Abiu- the caramel tasting fruit

Dragon fruit – no red varieties available, white only

Mangosteen – the queen of fruit, which tastes like a very creamy lychee

Achacha- originally from Boliva, the lemon sorbet fruit

Jackfruit- the vegan’s pulled pork substitute



Local sweet corn has started harvesting and the flavour is almost as great as the price. Take advantage of the Summer BBQ and put some corn on. 

Our locally grown Victorian beans, snowpeas, sugarsnap peas and green peas, as well as shelled peas, are now in abundance, and are fresh and delicious. We also have baby zucchini's and zucchini flowers now in store. We also have Okra in store at the moment. Unfortunately this week Cauliflower supply is limited, which has led for prices to increase. 

On the salad front, most leafy veg are in good supply. Unfortunately organic red spring onions have now finished, however we do still have organic green spring onion, not to mention a full range of salad leaves such as baby spinach, wild rocket, snowpea tendrils, chard as well as cut radicchio for you to add to your Summer salad!  

Our herb bunches continue to be fresh and abundant this week, packed full of flavour, the bunches are all of a decent size. At the moment we are stocking both conventional and organic basil, in order to meet demand, we have also added purple basil to add more colour to your plate. Our range of edible flowers can also brighten up any dish! In addition, our basil pots are back in stock.