market report


This week our produce of the week is zucchini from Edith River, Northern Territory. The zucchini is one of Australia’s most popular vegetables, and with good reason: it is high in folate, potassium and Vitamin A. Choose zucchinis that have firm, glossy and unblemished skins and that feel heavy for their size. To test for freshness, keep in mind that a zucchini should snap, not bend. Store zucchini in the fridge.


On the berry front, our strawberries are eating beautifully and are great value this week. Currently in stock we have 500g punnets and 250g Sunny Ridge punnets as well as Tina berries available in a 375g punnet. We also have organic strawberries which are cheaper this week, sa are our conventional blueberries. Raspberries are also in better supply this week and we hope the price will come down soon.

In terms of citrus, although the Imperial mandarin season is coming to an end, we do have late season imperial mandarins available which are also referred to as red imperials. We also have afourer mandarins from South Australia, which are seedless and delicious and new Dekapon mandarins from Mildura which you may have previously known as Sumo mandarins. We also welcome new season blood oranges from NSW which are very dark red and bursting with flavour.

Our Kensington Pride mangoes continue to get better as the weather warms up in the Northern Territory, and they will only keep getting better from now on. 

Bananas are in limited supply at the moment due to the colder weather but supply should increase over the coming months. When the weather drops below 10 degrees, the bananas don’t become as vibrant yellow as normal, but inside, the bananas are just as delicious as normal.

We now welcome new season Hass avocados from Western Australia which are great value and taste great as well. 

One of my favourite suppliers and a very funny man, Eric Wright from Mildura has started with his cara cara, navel oranges and imperial mandarins. Eric is a small farmer who picks most of the fruit himself and delivers every Friday. He certainly lights up the store when he arrives. The next delivery we are expecting from Eric is a delivery of mini blood oranges. 

Cantaloupe and honeydew have come down in price this week as the growing conditions have bettered.

This week we welcome Black sapote in store. Otherwise known as the pudding fruit, this delicious treat tastes similar to chocolate and can be enjoyed as is. We also have figs now available from Queensland. We also have Tamarillo, Soursop and Abiu fruit, otherwise known as caramel fruit thanks to their caramel flavour. We also have chocolate and yoghurt coated pomegranate arils which are a delicious snack, bursting with flavour. 

Local grapes have finished however we still have some imported grapes available. We also have new season kiwifruit including gold kiwifruit and organic kiwi as well. Our passionfruits from Bundaberg are also great at the moment and we also have organic passion fruits available as well.

All apples are now new season, as are the pears but unfortunately our Bravo apples (which were very popular) and Kanzi apples have finished for the year. The packham pears are lovely and sweet, and ripen reasonably quickly so the growers don’t store them. New season pink lady's have started and we have 1kg packs of unwaxed pink lady's available. 


Conventional broccoli is plentiful this week and are great value. We also have organic purple broccolini now in store to add a pop of colour to your plate. Our cauliflower is great at the moment, offering great value and quality, which are a great size and taste equally as great. 

Organic carrots are very tasty at the moment and in good supply and the price is down as is the price of our organic juicing carrots. Our organic Dutch carrots are also excellent and worth a try! 

Unfortunately this week our mushrooms are in limited supply due to growing problems however we are trying our best to supply enough stock. Pine mushrooms have just hit our shelves - perfect for the chilly winter weather.  

Cucumbers (including organic), organic sweet corn and organic beans are more expensive this week due to low supply but conventional is quite reasonable. 

On the leafy veg front, most are in good supply, including our curly kale, tuscan kale and red kale, which are excellent value at the moment. We also have baby red kale punnets available now along with a full range of salad leaves such as baby spinach, wild rocket, and salad mix for you to add to your salad dish. We also have organic sweet rocket leaves now available from Glenora which look like your normal rocket leaves but have a much sweeter taste. Further to this our organic English spinach bunches are back in stock. 

We also have a leafy green called rapa, also known as Crima di Rapa or broccoli ri rape. A winter green that is very popular all over Italy, often wilted and tossed in oil, garlic, salt and pepper then cooked until softened.

This week we also have fresh wasabi which is best enjoyed freshly grated alongside seafood, beef or in sauces or beverages for a zingy, sweet and peppery flavour. Often called the root of the wasabi, these fresh stems produce a powerfully hot, sweet and fragrant fresh wasabi paste and offers a superior taste to some of the horseradish substitute pastes you might find in sachets and tubes. 

We now have purple artichokes in store as well as organic green artichokes, both which taste delicious. 

Our potatoes are excellent in quality and we have a few options to choose from. At the moment we are stocking washed, desiree, white, kipfler, dutch cream, brushed, blue moon and organic sebago. Organic nicola potatoes have now finished as have our organic barbara pumpkins. 

Our herbs are plentiful and this week however our conventional basil is in very limited supply however and in turn is $6.99 a bunch at the moment. Organic sage and organic chives are not available, same with our organic spring onion and organic radish, organic mint is also very limited.