market report


Our pick this week is Mandarins. In store now, we have conventional and organic Imperial Mandarins, Satsuma Mandarins which are a seedless and easy peel Mandarin. They are very nice, sweet and perfect for snacking. As you know, mandarins are rich in vitamin C and also contain vitamin A. Snack on them to help you stay healthy whilst keeping you out of the flu season!






This week new comer from Ramarro Farms; Broadbeans - Tips, Miner’s Lettuce, Cavolo Nero Kale, and Silverbeet- Erbett, we also have Kale Mix back in stock and Kiwano fruits. We also have Sharwill Avocadoes in this week from Sunny Queensland. 

Our Apples and Navel Oranges are all new season, freshly picked from the tree, they’re tasting excellent and are full of crunch!

Now’s the best time just before Winter to boost your immune system against the flu, our Mandarins are eating yummy and sweet and they ‘re packed full of vitamin C.  Don’t forget our new season seedless Satsuma Mandarins, perfect for kids lunch boxed or for you if you prefer seedless mandarins.


This week’s hot prices are on Organic Broccoli, Coriander bunch, and Bok Choy. In addition, we have Dolce Bella Tomatoes in punnets. These tomatoes are eating nice and they are only $2.49 a punnet or 2 for $3.99.

Furthermore, our Persimmons are cheap this week, only $1.19 ea.

There will be more specials at the end of the week so stay tuned to us! If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our weekly email.


The intermittent cold weather snaps the past few weeks continues to impact some produce. Crops that have been particularly affected are leeks, snowpeas, sugarsnaps, peas, sweet corn, organic tomatoes and organic celery.

This week the supply of organic bananas has shortened up. This generates limited supply at the market and results in price increases. Our team is doing their best to supply enough stock during these hard growing conditions that growers are experiencing.

Unfortunately strawberries and blueberries are limited this week, and price are higher than normal. Our Victorian Strawberries season is nearly ending and Queensland Strawberries are currently very limited in supply as they have just started to pick them.

The good news is there are lines that we have plentiful are excellent quality and of course good value, such as; bananas, kiwi, mandarins, broccoli, lettuce, kale, limes, fennel, Brussel sprouts, spinach and potatoes. Furthermore, conventional tomatoes are easing up and cheaper this week.