market report


Apricots are heaven sent hence why they are our pick of the week. With a sweet, creamy flavour, tender and velvety texture, apricots like many other fruits can be served sweet or savoury. IN THE KITCHEN add them to a slow casserole or rich tagine or for something lighter and brighter a salad with feta, rocket, pecans or almonds, quinoa and pomegranate. Bake them with cinnamon and sugar and add to pies, crumbles, cakes, tarts, slices or simply enjoy with some yoghurt. FUN FACT The apricot tree is a member of the rose family and will produce fruit for over 20 years.







An exciting new comer in this week are our Red and White Currents just in time for Christmas! Currants are an old fashioned fruit, being tart and refreshing rather than sweet and succulent, white currants are sweeter than the red.

It’s definitely Cherry season and we have plenty of options to choose from including; loose cherries per kg, 500g punnets, 1kg punnets extra-large 2kg boxes as well as Organic Cherries and of course they’re all fresh packed, sweet and full of great taste.

This week we have introduced a different variety of cherries, called Rainier Cherries. They have a lighter colour and are a little thicker on the skin. These are sweeter and creamier then standard cherries.

We have also introduced new season Plums and Blood Plums from NSW. Blackberries and Boysenberries are now back in season and readily available. New season Organic Apricots, Organic Nectarines and Organic Peaches are available as well.


One word – APRICOTS

Our Organic Yellow Peaches still deserve to be mentioned here this week. Organic Bananas and Organic Yellow Peaches are currently very well priced!


Due to growing conditions, some of our produce this week may be limited in supply which also generates higher prices than normal. Currently beans, cantaloupes, organic celery, organic tomatoes and organic beans are being affected. Our produce team continue to work hard with suppliers daily at the Markets to ensure we have availability of stock in-store minimising the impacts.