market report




New on our shelves are new season gala apples, new season golden delicious, early season fuji, organic new season fuji and gala. Further, we have new season bosc brown pears, they are sweeter and softer than regular green pears. New organic midnight pear potatoes are an excellent choice to add to your salads.

In addition, we have started Achacha, honey figs, red clingstone peaches, organic Packham pears, pine mushrooms, Doncaster tomatoes cocktail and padron peppers from Ramarro Farms. Our loose salad leaves per kg are now organic, we are stocking organic baby spinach, organic wild rocket, and organic salad mix. Check them out!


Amongst this unprecedented situation across the country, and chaotic week from panic buying previous weeks, we are relieved that better growing conditions has improved supply and quality of some of our produce. One of the lines was hand picked beans, which are cheaper than the last three weeks. They are freshly handpicked and crunchy. However, organic handpicked beans are still expensive.

Other lines such as broccoli, eggplant, twinpack lettuce, and zucchini have come back in price due to an increased supply at the market and the quality is very good.

Our apples are new season, we are stocking new season gala, golden delicious, early season fuji, Miapples, organic gala, and organic fuji. In addition, we have a new variety of apples called demi rouge, medium sized with rich, dark red skin mottled with yellow, and these apples are known for their intense, sweet flavour and juiciness, give it a try!

This week is the last week we are doing specials on fresh figs, grab them while they you can. Further, we have white peaches in abundance, and they are a great special price.

Organic celery is still continuing to be the highlight of the week, they are EXTRA LARGE bunches, great value, and we have plenty in stock, which means more organic celery juice for you! This week organic celery is a great value compared to normal conventional celery. Organic cucumbers are plentiful this weekend and they are cheaper than normal conventional cucumbers.

Grapes are still excellent, sweet, juicy and crisp inside. At the moment we are stocking green Thompson grapes, red Crimson grapes and newly added to our shelf is black sapphire grapes. Organic crimson grapes is also available.

Plums are amazing eating, healthy and full of antioxidant, we have queen garnet plums, September candy, October sun and as well as beautiful organic blood plums.

After weeks and weeks of shortage in mushroom supply, we have finally managed to get organic mushrooms back this week, and they are great value, cheaper than conventional mushrooms.

Berry lines are expected to be steady. On the other hand, organic strawberries are plentiful at the markets and are very cheap.

New produce on our shelves are brooks mangoes, organic turmeric, organic continental cucumbers, organic baby cucumbers, organic padron pepper and organic mini capsicum.

Our team are doing the best they can and working closely with all suppliers to ensure there is enough stock for our customers, you! Additionally, we have been in close contact with our growers and are pushing for further price drops to help everyone through this really tough time.

There will be more specials at the end of the week so stay tuned to us! If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our weekly email.


Due to growing conditions, unfortunately some of our produce has been affected. Bananas are still in light supply this week, the same with organic bananas. Tomatoes, celery and cauliflowers are still scarce, this generates higher prices than normal. However we have improved supply and quality of some of our other lines such as watermelons, cantaloupe, baby broccoli, Jap pumpkin, butternut and herbs including coriander, parsley and basil. Hopefully we have more supply of other beautiful produce, and the prices ease up.

Unfortunately clingstone peaches and yellow nectarines have finished the season, but we still have yellow peaches, and white nectarines for a few more weeks. We do have plenty of beautiful white peaches and they are cheap.

The good news is, this weekend we have plenty of specials such as limes, figs, organic eggs, organic cucumbers, organic celery and organic mushrooms. Take your pick!