market report


This week our produce of the week is rhubarb. Often thought of as a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable with an edible stalk native to Siberia. Tart and tangy, rhubarb is soft and silky once cooked. Rhubarb is traditionally turned into a jam, compote or used in baking. Choose firm stalks that are a beautiful, deep, burnished red. Keep refrigerated.


Queensland strawberries have been going for a few weeeks and the supply and quality are up.  Our favourite winter grower, Bernies Berries are now in store. Queensland raspberries have also now started, and are still good. Blueberries have finaly started in Northern NSW and Queensland, prices have eased and are good value and the flavour is good. We have also started with Queensland organic strawberries. 

Avocados have been in enormous demand over the last couple of years which has driven up prices, but with more planting coming into production, the prices have come down. Our Hass avocados from Queensland are back in season and are great value, in fact they are the cheapest they have been in years. These hass avocados don't go the dark brown colour when ripe, so gently press on the stem end to see if they are ripe. Shepard avo season has finished unfortunately after a great 3 months. 

On the citrus front, the mandarin season is in full swing and our Imperial mandarins are from Nippys in the riverland in South Australia and are bursting with flavour. New season navel oranges have also started, including organic. Early eason navels can be a bit diappointing, but this years ones are quite tasty. 

One of my favourite suppliers and a very funny man, Eric Wright from Mildura has started with his cara cara and navel oranges. He also is popping down from Mildura with imperial mandarins. Eric is a small farmer who picks most of the fruit himself and delivers every Friday. He certainly lights up the stores when he's in them. 

Local grape varieties are coming to the end of the season, but our crimson grapes are the pick of the bunch.  

Australian kiwifruit have started their season, including the delicious gold kiwi and amazing red kiwi from New Zealand. Australian kiwi tend to be very firm and can take a few days to ripen.

All apples are now new season, as are the pears. The william pears are lovely and sweet, and ripen reasonably quickly so the growers don’t store them. New season pink lady's have started this weekend and we have 1kg packs of unwaxed pink lady's available. We also have Kanzi apples which are a lovely sweet crunchy apple and a new variety, Bravo which is a cross with royal gala and has an amzing deep red skin. 


The vegetable supply is changing from local Victoria to sunnier Queensland as the cold weather sets in here.

Organic broccoli is plentiful this week and the price is great, $3.99kg. We will only stock organic broccoli for the next week or so to take advantage of the quality and price. 

Our cauliflower is great at the moment, offering great value and quality, and we have also introduced organic caulifowers which are a great size and this week our organic cauliflower are on special so get in quick!

Organic carrots are very tasty at the moment and in good supply and the price is down to $2.99kg and organice juice carrots at 2kg for $2

Unfortunately this week our mushrooms are in limited supply due to growing problems however we are trying our best to supply enough stock. Pine mushrooms and slippery jack mushrooms and slippery jack mushrooms have just hit our shelves - just in time for the chilly winter weather. We also have organic oyster mushrooms which are delicious! 

Cucumbers, sweet corn and beans are more expensive this week due to low supply. Zucchinis are good value. 

Our organic Dutch carrots are also excellent and worth a try! We have also started organic medley Dutch carrots in bunches which consist of yellow, purple and orange baby carrots, the perfect addition of colour to your dish. 

On the leafy veg  front, most are in good supply. Our organic kale, curly kale and red kale are excellent value at the moment as is our fennel. We are also stocking a nice range of organic iceberg and cost lettuce, not to mention a full range of salad leaves such as baby spinach, wild rocket, snowpea tendrils, chard as well as cut radicchio for you to add to your salad dish. New to our shelves we also have organic baby kale which is a mixture of kale, curly kale and baby red kale - an awesome combination of superfood goodness! 

We also have a new leafy green called baby rapa, also known as Crima di Rapa or broccoli ri rape. A winter green that is very popular all over Italy, often wilted and tossed in oil, garlic, salt and pepper then cooked until softened.

All the pumpkins are great at the moment. We have a few varieties available including Jap, Barbara, Bohemian, Gold Nugget and Futsu - take your pick! 

Our potatoes are excellent in quality and we have a few options to choose from. At the moment we are stocking washed, desiree, white, kipfler, dutch cream, brushed, royal blue, purple sapphire, organic Nicola as well as organic Kestrel potatoes.