market report




  • Lemons tray of four $1.99 ea
  • Orange candy melons $3.99 ea, $2.20 half.
  • Broccoli $3.99 kg
  • Navel oranges 3kg $4.99 ea
  • Mandarins $5.99 kg
  • Pineapple $4.99 ea, $2.60 half.
  • Baby parsnip tray  $2.99 ea.
  • Organic baby broccoli $3.99 bunch
  • Organic sweet potatoes $3.99 kg
  • Organic bananas $3.49 kg
  • Organic pink lady apples 1kg punnet $3.99 ea


This week is a citrus week, lemons are plentiful, we have them in our degradable tray and they are a great bargain! Further, navel oranges, mandarins and ruby grapefruits are eating better as they are producing more flavour and sweetness into the winter season. Red brussel sprouts are back in stock, they offer a slightly nutty and much sweeter flavour than their green counterpart. When cooked the purple colouring will fade slightly but will not disappear, check them out. Kalettes are a new comer this week, they are a hybrid plant, they are a cross between kale and brussels sprouts. They can be eaten raw, boiled in salted water, blanched, drained and then thrown into pasta with lots of olive oil, stir fry, steam, roast, or even microwave for a couple of minutes before adding butter and seasoning with salt and pepper, take your pick! Cantaloupe is very light this week, due to a crop gap, however, we have started orange candy melons , they are super sweet, crisp like a nashi pear, full of flavour and refreshingly juicy. Pineapples are growing well and there is more supply at market, they are sweeter and a cheaper price. Yuzu fruit is continuing to be popular, grab them while they are still here! After a couple weeks of limited conventional broccoli and cauliflowers, they are finally easing up, cheaper prices this week, and quality is very good. However, organic broccoli and cauliflowers are still in limited supply this week. We have a great variety of mushrooms, apart from white cup, flat, and swiss brown, we also stock pine mushrooms, slippery jack, porcini, shimeiji, and oyster, check out our beautiful range. Organic bananas are still very well priced, other specials include; organic pink lady apples, organic baby broccoli, organic mini cucumbers and organic sweet potatoes.


There will be more specials at the end of the week so stay tuned to us! If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our weekly email.


Unfortunately our berries are still in limited supply this week, due to the weather and waiting for sunny Queensland berries. Due to harsh growing condition, zucchini has become very limited at the market and price has increased. Red kiwi, persimmons, feijoa fruits and organic kestrel potatoes are finishing this week. Limited supply this week include organic celery, organic cauliflowers, organic wild rocket punnet, organic rhubarb and organic mint is not available.