market report


  • Blood oranges punnet of five $3.99 ea
  • Passion fruits punnet $1.99 ea
  • English spinach $2.99 bunch
  • Baby broccoli $1.99 bunch
  • Organic small carrots $3.99 kg
  • Organic mini cauliflowers $2.99 each
  • Organic baby broccoli $3.49 bunch


  • Bok choy Shang hay 99 c each
  • Baby buk choy 99 c each
  • Chinese broccoli 99 c each
  • Choy sum 99 c each
  • Asian choy sum 99 c each
  • Tat soi 99 c each
  • Pandan leaf $1.99
  • Snakebeans $2.99 bunch
  • Kang kong $2.99 bunch
  • Green mangoes $15.99 kg


Due to heavy rain in Queensland, strawberries are very limited this week, we have sourced our strawberries from Western Australia and they are amazing. Blood oranges cut dark red full of flavour and vitamins, perfect fruit to boost your immune system. Blood oranges in a punnet is great value for your lunch time, or just as a healthy snack.

Afourer mandarins and late season imperial mandarins are still in stock and tasting great. This week we have introduced seedless lemons, no need to pick out the seeds anymore!

Organic wild rocket is back again this weekend, after more than 1 week they were not available due to mildew issues. In addition, we also have beautiful rocket from Ramarro Farm as well as lovely purple sprouting broccoli. Broccoli, Cauliflowers, baby broccoli, mushrooms, English spinach, fennel and potatoes are at a great price and are plentiful in stock. This weekend we are having BIG specials on Asian vegetables, such as bok choy, baby buk choy, choy sum, Asian choy sum, tat soi, Chinese broccoli, pandan leaves, snakebeans and kang kong, Check them out!

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Herbs are in hibernation winter mode, the bunches are a little smaller due to cold nights and not many sunny days, but the quality is still good.

Furthermore, raspberries, sweet corn, limes, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, leeks and organic strawberries are in limited supply this week, and the price is higher than normal.